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We Want It All - And We Want It Now

John Evankovich
Director, Tire and Battery Centers, Sam's Club

David Martin
Director of Sales, American Tire Distributors


As tire and vehicle technology advances how does the consumer know what they want or need? Is it mileage, safety, comfort, performance or something else? How has this evolved over time to today and what will the future look like?

In this presentation, we will explore the evolution of replacement tire purchasing from a consumer perspective, then take a look at what the future may hold.  What expectations does the consumer have as they shop and how can retail be ready?  Will this make tire purchasing easier for consumers or add to the confusion?


John Evankovich is a 28 year retail veteran who has focused on the tire industry for the majority of his career.  He is a constant student of the tire industry with a passion for consumer safety and environmental sustainability.  John is active with industry organizations and currently serves on the Executive Board of the Tire Industry Association as the Secretary.  Developing relationships and collaboration with stakeholders to achieve mutual goals have been the keys to John’s success.  Mr. Evankovich started his career in the tire business with Sam’s Club and has progressed through various Operations and Human Resource roles in many areas of the country.  Today, John is the Director of Sam’s Club’s Tire and Battery Centers.  His responsibilities encompass all operations of over 650 retail locations all over the United States.  He has earned numerous accolades throughout his career.  The most prestigious of these are the 2009 Sam’s Club Achievement in Service Award recognizing outstanding contributions in customer experience and the 2013 Sam’s
Club Carpe Diem Award for achievements in the area of consumer and workplace safety.   John has also achieved a Certificate in Human Resource Employment Practice and Law.



David Martin is currently the Director of Sales for ATD’s Tire Supply Program.  He’s a veteran of the tire segment of the automotive aftermarket, having served its customers for more than 30 years.

His experience includes owning Snap-On Tools and Cornwell Tools dealerships for 16 years.  He also provided field service for Coats, Ammco, Robinair, RTI and Accu-turn automotive equipment as an authorized repair facility for the manufactures.  He worked with OE vehicle manufactures in Detroit, developing “Tire Dealer” programs and teaching best practices from mounting tires to proper balancing procedures in their shops.

In September 2012, he was elected to the Tire Industry Association Board of Directors. During the three year term on the Board of Directors, he served on the Training and Education Committee of TIA from 2012 until September 2013 when he was selected to the position of Chairman for that committee, a position that he still holds today.  Mr. Martin was elected by the Board members to the office of Secretary in 2015.  He is now serving as Vice President of TIA.  In the fall of 2017 he will be seated as TIA President and will serve a one year term.  Mr. Martin also serves on the TIA Strategic Planning Committee and Executive Committee.  

 During his tenure at American Tire Distributors he has developed and implemented ATD’s well known “Tire Repair and TPMS Service Seminars” aimed at helping tire dealers become more professional and learn correct procedures, based on recognized and safe industry standards.   As he says: “Training and education are two of the most important issues facing the tire industry! They are inseparable components for the health and continued growth of our important industry”!