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Estimation and Guarantee on Entire Life Tire Performance

Kozaburo Nakaseko
Senior Executive Officer of Sumitomo Rubber Industries R & D Division, Kobe, Japan


Tire performance is typically evaluated by the manufacturers in the tire’s new condition using a catalogue of both objective and subjective, static and dynamic tests.  But customers experience tire performance under actual market, real world conditions, where tires under changes with wear and aging after a year or more of seasonal exposure. 

In consideration of this, the tire supplier should develop a tire that is more tailored to the actual market and also, the originally designed tire performance should be maintained as long as possible throughout the entire life of the tire. 

For that, technology is necessary to predict tire performance when all of these environmental and lifetime changes are taken into consideration.  These effects must be considered during the development stage, in part by using innovative materials to maintain performance over the life of the tire.  This presentation will introduce the basic concepts.


Kozaburo Nakaseko earned a mater’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kobe University in 1978.  Afterwards, he joined Sumitomo Rubber Industries.  As a specialist in tire structure design, he was engaged in tire development.  In.  1991, he became a Works Technical Manager at Nagoya Tire Plant and in 2003, he became General Manager of Technology Planning.  In 2006, Mr. Nakaseko became an Executive Officer and joined Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe, serving as a member of the board.  In 2008, he returned to Kobe University as the head of Sumitomo Rubber Industries R & D Headquarters.  From 2010 until 2015 he has been a Senior Executive Officer.  Since 2015, Mr.  Nakaseko has served as the President of the Society of Rubber Science and Technology in Japan.

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