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Disruptive Trends Shaping the Automotive Industry

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Brent Gruber
Global Automotive Supplier Division, J.D. Power

Presentation Summary

Today’s vehicles contain more computing power than the system that guided astronauts to the moon.  But how did we get to this point? The rapid introduction of advanced technology has largely been driven by consumer demand for vehicles that provide entertainment, information, and connectivity as well as safety, reliability, comfort, and efficiency. 

However, with the growth of automotive technology accelerating at a rapid rate, the tire industry is on an ambiguous course that is set to bring unprecedented change. This has opened the door for non-traditional suppliers to enter the market and offer other choices.  Discover what automakers and suppliers (traditional and non-traditional) need to understand about consumers ’vehicle needs in this new era of the connected vehicle.


Brent Gruber leads the global automotive supplier practice at J. D. Power.  As an industry thought leader, he is responsible for representing J. D. Power within the automotive supply industry and consulting with clients on finding research based solutions to product and customer issues.  He also helps clients grow their businesses through improving products and the customer experience.  Previous to J. D. Power, Brent held senior level positions at research and consulting firms focusing on product and service improvements based on voice of customer feedback.