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Alternative Natural Rubber Production

Daniel Swiger
President & Chief Executive Officer, Kultevat, Inc.


An alternative rubber crop domestication, Guayule, is under development at Yulex.   Guayule delivers high tactile performance, absence of allergenic latex proteins and offers renewable sustainability because it is resourced from a domestic plant-based resource.  Yulex Pure (tm) guayule rubber meets the critical performance standards necessary for many medical, industrial and consumer applications that exceeds performance standards of many synthetic lattices.  Yulex is a bio-based materials science company, manufacturer, and marketer of hypo-allergenic natural rubber latex for the medical and specialty consumer products market.


Dan Swiger, an experienced entrepreneur, business executive, visionary, and inventor, is the President and CEO of Kultevat.  He was the Founder and President of Mentor Capitalist, Incorporated, which provided a full range of resources and development strategies needed to increase revenues at start-up and turn around companies.  In 1995, Dan founded Yulex Corporation, a venture-backed company to commercialize an alternative rubber crop, guayule.  As COO and Chairman, Dan raised several million dollars in funding directly through equity and indirectly through the raising of capital for Yulex’s university partners.  He also oversaw the agricultural development program which tripled guayule’s rubber yields, the development of the first facility for guayule latex production, and the development of new markets for hypo-allergenic latex rubber.