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Supplying Products That Will Improve Tire Performance


Dr. Wolfgang Pille-Wolf
Principal Scientist  |  Arizona Chemical, LLC  |  a subsidiary of Kraton Corporation


For the last 10 years the utilization of tread enhancement additives to influence the viscoelastic properties of PCR tire treads has increased.  With the possibilities of the solution polymerization process controlling the molecular architecture, an ever-increasing number of differenttypes of elastomers have been realized by the rubber industry.  This presentation describes the effect of macro and microstructure of various elastomers on different TEA chemistries derived from simplified model mixtures, providing an insight into future TEA design.  Consequently, a newly developed additive will be presented and its performance in typical PCR tread compounds will be discussed.


After finishing his doctorate in Organic Chemistry in Tuebingen in 1985 he joined the company Henkel in Duesseldorf as a Laboratory Group Leader to develop adhesives for the Automotive Industry focusing on Direct Glazing. In 1990, he joined ICI Polyurethanes in Everberg, Belgium developing Polyisocyanate Binders for the Wood Composite Industry such as Particle board, Oriented Strand Board and Medium Density Fibre Board. During 2002, he became Group Leader and then Technical Manager at Kraton (formerly Arizona Chemical) to develop tackifier resins. In 2005, he became Principal Scientist and initiated the development of Tread Enhancement Additives for the tires industry.