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The Future of the Connected Tire


Jay Spears
Director of Standards and Regulations, Continental Tire - The Americas


As connectivity buzzes through all portions of life, it is no different in the automotive world.  The connection of tire and vehicle information into the world of big data will allow for more advanced real time solution to logistical and safety issues.  The method and path of this connectivity will shape the future of the tire industry.  The beginnings of these solutions can be found in the near future and the concepts of future use are starting to form today.


Jay is the Director of Standards and Regulations for Continental Tire, the Americas located in Fort Mill, SC.  He is responsible for all tire regulatory and standardization work throughout North and South America and represents Continental within numerous industry organizations including the Rubber Manufacturers Association and the Tire and Rim Association.  Jay has been with Continental for over 15 years with leadership roles in product development, technical product management and racing development.  He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University, the 2016 College Football
National Champions.