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Effect of Inflation Pressure on Tire Performance


Chris Napier
Global Specialty Polymers Application Engineer  |  ExxonMobil


During the last 30 years, ExxonMobil Chemical has performed a series of surveys of passenger car and truck / bus radial tires to evaluate the influence of halobutyl rubber on inflation pressure loss rates (IPLR) of tires acquired globally.  Previous studies have also evaluated the impact of innerliner compound formulations and liner gauge on inflation pressure loss rate as related to tire performance in various static and dynamic laboratory tests.

The purpose of this most recent body of work is to evaluate the controlled on-vehicle performance of passenger car tires as a function of inflation pressure utilizing well known industry test methods.  It was then determined if connections exist between the on-vehicle test results to laboratory testing where applicable.

This presentation will demonstrate impact of inflation pressure of the tire on rolling resistance, fuel economy, treadwear, handling, and other important performance measures.


Mr. Christopher Napier is currently a Global Polymers Technology Applications Engineer with the ExxonMobil Chemical Company located in Baytown, Texas.  Chris began his career with Westinghouse's polymer electrical products division in Nashville, TN.  He has more than 25 years of experience in the rubber and plastics industry.  His primary focus at ExxonMobil Chemical is tire technology and product testing for butyl polymers.  Chris received his Bachelor degree from Letourneau University.  He is active in the Rubber Division, American Chemical Society serving as the chairman of the Best Paper Committee in 2009-2010 and as a member of the Program Planning Committee.  Chris is a member of the ASTM F-9 Tire committee and D-11 Rubber committee.