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EPA Tire Technology Assessment: 2017 and Beyond

Joseph Bachman & Anthony Erb
Environmental Scientists, The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency


The assessment of tire rolling resistance is an essential part of EPA’s efforts to help trucking fleets save money and reduce emissions through reduced fuel use.  EPA has been verifying low rolling resistance tires and retreads under the SmartWay Technology Program since 2007.  EPA has also been investigating factors that affect rolling resistance and the relation of rolling resistance to fuel economy.  The Agency is currently investigating the use of rolling resistance tests to provide more accurate assessment of aerodynamic drag as part of the verification program for trailer aerodynamic devices.

The tire and retread verification procedure is being upgraded with the introduction of the SmartWay Tire Application Reporting System (STARS).  STARS is a web-based application system that will help speed up the application process, improve the accuracy of the verification records, and ensure the security of the confidential business information provided to EPA by the tire companies who apply for verification.

EPA is testing the rolling resistance of verified tires.  With few exceptions, our tests confirm the values submitted to us in the verification applications.  We plan to continue these tests on an ongoing basis.  Finally, EPA plans to develop a revised test protocol to evaluate the rolling resistance of retreaded tires.



Dr.  Joseph Bachman is an Environmental Scientist with the U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency.  He received his BS degree from Beloit College, his MS degree from Penn State University, and his Ph.D.  degree from the George Washington University.  He has worked for the Federal Government since 1979, providing scientific support for policymaking.  He also has worked for the Environmental Protection Agency since 2000, and has provided support for rulemaking on MTBE and other gasoline oxygenates, managed Federal advisory committees, and since 2003 he has been a member of the SmartWay Technology team.  Currently, Dr.  Bachman manages the SmartWay tire verification program.


Anthony Erb holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation and Resource Development and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management .  Over the past 30 years his work at Environment Protection Agency has involved development and implementation of air pollution control programs focused on emissions reduction from passenger vehicles, heavy duty engines, non-road equipment and locomotives.  Currently, as a member of the Technology Assessment Center in the Transportation and Climate Division, his focus is on developing technologies that reduce fuel consumption and emissions from heavy-duty highway vehicles and non-road engines and equipment in use.