WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2019 | 8:00am - 12:00pm

7:00 AM Continental Breakfast (sponsored by:  BKT USA)

8:00 AM Welcome & Introductions

Jim Burns | Conference Chairperson

Nan Johnston | Director, Clemson Center for Corporate Learning

Session 1 Moderated by Dr. Roy Littlefield | Executive Vice President, Tire Industry Association

8:15 AM NTSB Communications and Media Relations During a Highway Crash Investigation

Peter Knudson | Media Relations, National Traffic and Safety Board

8:50 AM Current and Emerging Trends in Tire Litigation

Joseph Ruscak | Partner, Roetzel & Andress

9:25 AM Refreshment Break

9:45 AM Tire Evaluation Strategies - Promises and Pitfalls

Dean Tener | Consultant

10:20 AM Forensic Tire Examination in the Digital Age

Matt Bockrath | Lead Forensic Engineer, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company

10:55 AM Presenter from Continental Tire

11:30 AM Session 1 Panel Discussion

12:00 PM Lunch (sponsored by:  Tokai Carbon CB

SESSION 2: Innovation

New Technology & Design

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2019 | 1:00PM - 5:00PM

1:00 PM Session Introduction

Moderated by James F. Cuttino, Ph.D.

Director, Tire and Research Development, LINK Engineering Company

1:15 PM Presenter TBD from Bridgestone Americas

1:50 PM The Impact of Global Electric Vehicle Market Growth on Tire Development

Bruce Lambillotte | Vice President, Technical Consulting, Smithers-Rapra

2:25 PM Matching Tread Depths on 4WD Vehicles

Tom Carter | Technical Communications Director, Product Marketing, Michelin NA

3:00 PM Refreshment Break

3:20 PM Tire Warranty Forecasting

Tom Kenny | Director, Consumer Tire Development, Yokohama Tire Corporation

3:55 PM The Tire Industry in SC and the Changing Landscape in Manufacturing

Jack Ellenberg | Associate Vice President, Corporate Partnerships & Strategic Initiatives, Clemson University

Micah Mallace | Director, Strategic Projects, South Carolina Ports Authority

4:30 PM Session 2 Panel Discussion

5:00 PM Conference Adjourns for Networking Social

5:45 PM Networking Social

Sponsored by Smithers Rapra

SESSION 3: tire industry outlook

legislative, legal and political issues

THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2019 • 8:00AM - 12:00PM

7:00 AM Hot Breakfast

Sponsored by ExxonMobil

8:00 AM Session Introduction

Moderated by Mike Wischhusen | Technical Director, Michelin NA

8:15 AM US EPA Tire Testing & SmartWay Verification Program Updates

Dennis Johnson | Director, Technology Assessment Center, US EPA

8:50 AM Tire Industry Outlook

Dr. John Baldwin | Chief Product & Technical Strategist, Discount Tire

9:25 AM Role of International ASTM Standards in Building the Tire Industry

Denise Kennedy | President, DK Enterprises

10:00 AM Refreshment Break

10:15 AM How Technology is Reshaping the Tire Industry

David Zielasko | Publisher, Tire Business

10:50 AM Improving the Barrier Properties of Tire Inner Liners

Dr. Dana Adkinson

Technical Development Manager, Tire and Specialty Rubber Business Unit, ARLANXEO

11:25 AM Session 3 Panel Discussion

12:00 PM Keynote Luncheon

Sponsored by ARLANXEO

12:30 PM Keynote Presentation:
Future Mobility Trends & the Role of Tires in Tomorrow’s Vehicles

Chris Helsel | Chief Technology Officer, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

SESSION 4: Raw Materials 

rubber, chemicals & carbon black

THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2019 | 1:20PM - 5:10PM

1:20 PM Session Introduction

Moderated by 

Lynn Bryant | EW Polymer Group

1:30 PM US Tire Industry Overview - Current Market Trends and Future Happenings

Tracey Norberg | Senior Vice President & General Counsel, USTMA

2:05 PM Novel Silanes to Meet Next Generation Tire Requirements

Chris Pappas | Project Leader, Tire and Rubber Group, Momentive Company

2:40 PM Effect of Tire Inflation Pressure on Electric Vehicle Performance

Chris Napier | Global Specialty Polymer Applications Engineer, Butyl Polymers Technology, ExxonMobil Chemical Company

3:15 PM Refreshment Break

3:30 PM Presentation TBD

Ron Tatlock | Manager, Training & Engineering, BKT USA, Inc.

4:05 PM Presentation TBD

4:40 PM Session 4 Panel Discussion

5:10 PM Conference Adjourns for the Day

SESSION 5: tire end of life

recycling & sustainability

FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2019 • 8:00AM - 12:00PM

7:15 AM Continental Breakfast

Sponsored by LINK Engineering

8:00 AM Session Introduction

Moderated by 

Mike Wischhusen | Technical Director, Michelin NA

8:15 AM Individual Producer Responsibility

Glen Maidment | President, Rubber Manufacturing Association of Canada

8:50 AM Trade Offs in Recycling and Sustainability - The Manufacturer’s Perspective

John Sheerin | Director, End of Life Tire Programs, US Tire Manufacturers Association

9:25 AM Wireless Treadwear Monitors and Reporting

Aaron Franklin | Chief Technology Officer, Tyrata, Inc.

10:00 AM Refreshment Break and Drawing for a Set of Tires

Sponsored by:  Bridgestone/Firestone NA

Yokohama Tire Corporation

Cooper Tire

10:15 AM Retreading’s Role in Environmental Recycling

Clif Armstrong | Vice President of Business Development, Marangoni Tread N. A., Inc.

10:50 AM Sustainability of Commercial Truck Tires:  Maximizing Mileage, Fuel Economy and Retreadability

Al Cohn | Director, New Market Development Engineering Support

Pressure Systems International

11:25 AM Session 5 Panel Discussion

12:00 PM Conference Adjourns