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North America Outlook on the Carbon Black Industry


Greg King
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Sid Richardson Carbon and Energy Company

Presentation Summary

In 2014, Sid Richardson Carbon presented a paper on the changes coming to the NA market. With all the grass root tire plants being built, it was projected that there would be a shortage of domestically produced carbon. That original projection was off by a couple years, but it has now become reality. In this paper, the data will be updated and a revised projection will be made. In addition, time will be spent talking about a new complicating factor which is the shipping of carbon black. The emphasis here will be on the shortage of both rail cars and hopper trucks. Additionally, an update will be given on the negotiations between the EPA and the carbon black industry.

Meet the Presenter

Greg has been with SRCE over 27 years, first as a Business Segment Manager before being promoted to Vice President of Marketing in 2002. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and a Master of Science Degree with a major in Management. His experience includes work as a Technical Service Representative and a Raw Material Chemist for a major U.S. tire company. In total, Greg has spent over 41 years in the rubber industry.