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Innovation in Tire Technology


Mauricio Mendez Sotelo
Manager, Technical Product Specialist
R&D, Passenger and Light Truck Tires

Continental Tire The Americas, LLC


The connection of tire and vehicle information into the world of big data will allow for more advanced real time solution to logistical and safety issues.

Featured on four and two-wheel vehicles for more than a century, tires remain a key component of today’s automotive scene and will continue to play their part in topics of automated driving, electric mobility and fleet mobility solutions.

Vehicles and mobility solutions will change, but tires will remain the only direct link with the road and they are also getting smarter, as illustrated by ContiSense and ContiAdapt. Two Forward-Looking Tire Technology concepts from Continental for Even Better Road Safety and Driving Comfort.

Meet the Presenter

Mauricio is the manager of Continental Tire, the Americas technical product management team responsible for product performance in North and South America.  Mauricio joined Continental 15 years ago and has held various positions in manufacturing, product development and technical product management. He holds a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from ITESM University, Mexico.