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When Haul Trucks Fly: Preparing for the Challenges of the Future

Ron Tatlock
Manager, Training & Engineering
BKT Tires (USA), Inc.

Bill Easterly
Vice President of Fleet Operations
Feld Entertainment, Inc.

Presentation Summary

At BKT we pride ourselves in leading edge, ever evolving technology and innovation.  We are always looking for opportunities to challenge and expand our knowledge base and capabilities. One adventure that has and continues to stretch us and provide opportunities for growth is supplying tires to Monster Jam.   

This presentation will give you a peek behind the curtain as Bill Easterly, VP of Monster Jam operations at Feld Entertainment and Ron Tatlock, Manager of Training & Engineering at BKT review the path toward improving Monster Jam performance and safety through innovation.   We will share some of the specific challenges to and brutal punishment of Monster Jam tires.  We will review key tire improvement needs, tire solutions from BKT, and the exciting performance results for Monster Jam.  We will even share some follow-up with new generations of tires and our plans for continuing improvement. 

We’ll also let you in on how we are adapting the lessons learned to improve tires made for our other customers.  There are many challenges and changes for all our organizations in the future.  Monster Jam is one avenue BKT has chosen to help us sharpen our technology sword.  What is your company doing to make sure you are ready for the future?

Meet the Presenters


Bill Easterly

As Vice President of Fleet Operations and Development at Feld Entertainment Inc., Bill Easterly works with the executive team to manage one of the most entertaining motorsport’s properties in the world called Monster Jam.  He also manages the assets of the largest fleet of race vehicles in the world.  Additionally, Bill and his team have a forward-looking approach to the Motorsport’s business and a wide spectrum of developing initiatives. 

Bill’s thirty-three years of Motorsports experience within the company delivers expertise in safety, performance, asset management, international affairs and touring properties.  He is utilized to manage risk, advise on security matters and other critical thinking issues.

Previously from 2000-2016, Bill was responsible for Monster Jam touring productions both Domestically and Internationally along with the Monster Jam fleet of race vehicles.  From 1997-2000, Bill produced the U.S Off Road Championships at stadiums across the U. S.  

With an interest in community, Bill has consulted with state and local education institutes here in Florida.  


Ron Tatlock

Mr. Ron Tatlock joined BKT as Manager - Training & Engineering for BKT Tires (USA), Inc. in November, 2013.  Ron has over 36 years of experience consisting of a wide variety of assignments in the tire industry since 1981. 

With a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA and the ingenuity fostered by growing up on a farm in the US Midwest, Ron has had an interesting career with many assignments in the tire industry.  He has held assignments in manufacturing engineering as well as responsibilities for product design and development of passenger, truck/bus, agricultural, industrial and Off-the-Road tires for the O.E. and replacement markets for multiple tire companies and holds multiple patents. 

Ron also very much enjoyed his opportunities in tire test engineering and technical training.  He is a certified MSHA trainer and continues to represent his employer with active participation in The Tire and Rim Association, SAE, and ISO where he is a respected industry expert.  His farm upbringing will not allow him to stay in the office.  You may find him in a mine or construction site talking with end users and dealers and getting a better understanding of customer requirements.   You may see him in meetings with O.E. customers or monitoring tire testing activities.   You may meet him in a classroom where he instructs end users, O. E. customers, and tire dealers in optimizing tire performance and tire safety.

In his spare time, Ron enjoys volunteering with his church, walking, acting, and working with his dog as a Pet Therapy Team visiting special neers classrooms and retirement homes.

Ron is excited about being part of expanding and continuing the legacy of quality and innovation at BKT.