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A Global Study of Materials Technology in Relation to Performance of OE Passenger Car Tires

Dr. Steve Teertstra
Technical Service & Development Manager
Tire & Specialty Rubber (TSR) Business Unit

ARLANXEO Canada Inc.

Janice Tardiff
Research Head, Elastomer Material Research
Ford Motor Company

Meet the Presenters


Dr. Steve Teertstra is a Technical Service and Development manager handling BR, SBR and Butyl elastomer products within the Tire and Specialty Rubber (TSR) business unit of ARLANXEO, a joint venture of Saudi Aramco and LANXESS. Steve started his career 11 years ago with LANXESS as a Research Scientist in the Global Butyl R&D group. He worked on various new product development projects of butyl and butyl-like materials for both tire and non-tire applications. In 2011, he relocated to Singapore as part of the commissioning team for a new LANXESS butyl rubber plant. Following a successful plant start-up in 2013, Dr. Teertstra relocated back to Canada taking on a manufacturing support role with particular focus on the Singapore plant during its first year of operation. Most recently, he made a transition to his current technical marketing role with the formation of the TSR business unit in early 2015. Steve received both his B.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, ON, Canada. 


Janice Tardiff is leading the elastomer material research at Ford Motor Company. She holds a Chemistry degree from Kalamazoo College and an advanced degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University.  She has been at Ford Motor Company for 25 years, conducting project work focused primarily on developing and implementing advanced materials technologies into automotive materials.  Her positions within Ford have varied from Research to Manufacturing, giving her experience in the development, implementation, and maintenance of new technologies in the automotive industry.