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Bill Hyde
Executive Director, Olefins and Elastomers
IHS Chemical

Presentation Summary

Synthetic rubber markets have been under pressure from a variety of sources in recent years.  One significant source of this market turmoil has been from rubber feedstocks.  Petrochemical markets are on the verge of significant change as the projects, especially in the US, begin to startup.  This will have a variety of impacts on synthetic rubber feedstocks and not all of them will be positive.  Natural Rubber markets have also put a great deal of pressure on synthetic rubber markets. 

Finally, over capacity in the market has removed a great deal of leverage that producers might have enjoyed.  In this paper we will examine these various sources of market disturbance with an eye toward anticipating overarching trends in the near to medium term.  Our intent will be to provide tire market participants insight up their value chain to help them better prepare for trends that will certainly impact their rubber suppliers.

Meet the Presenter

Mr. Hyde is a member of the Chemical Insight Olefins Team where he leads a group focused on analyzing markets related to C4 Olefins, synthetic and natural rubber, and tire raw materials.  He has been consulting in this market for more than 15 years.  Hyde began his career with Union Carbide Corporation in 1990 where he had various positions including engineering, optimization, planning, and logistics.  In 2000, he joined Texas Petrochemicals as a Business Analyst.  Hyde joined CMAI, which was acquired by IHS in 2011, in the Olefins Consulting Practice in 2002 with an emphasis on C4 Olefins and rubber, assuming responsibility for that practice in 2006.  He has published a number of papers on the Olefins and Elastomers industries as well as presented at Olefins and Elastomers Conferences around the world.

Hyde has B.S. and M.S. Degrees in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University and an M.B.A. from Tulane University