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New Developments in Curing Bladder Material Technology


Eric Wamsley
Elastomers Application Engineer
ExxonMobile Butyl Elastomers

Presentation Summary

Butyl rubber with resin-based vulcanization systems are used to manufacture tire curing bladders.  Bladders have defined life cycles, many times referred to as a pull point, which can vary depending on the tire size, bladder design, curing medium, and most importantly the composition of the bladder compound.  After attaining the defined life cycle or pull point, the curing bladder in the tire press is replaced.  The tire press curing bladder removal process leads to loss of tire productivity, press down-time, energy loss (the curing press temperature must be reduced), labor expenses in changing the curing bladder, and potential waste from premature bladder failure.

Exxpro (tm) 3035 based bladder compound formulations for tire curing bladders provide a solution to improve bladder performance by improving high temperature properties, reduced change in compound hardness, improved tear resistance, along with productivity and energy saving benefits.  This presentation discusses a compound improvement with enhances bladder performance by using Exxpro (tm) 3035 based curing bladder formulations.

Meet the Presenter

Eric Wamsley, Elastomers Application engineer for ExxonMobil Butyl Elastomers, has 26 years’ experience in tire manufacturing.   His expertise is broad and includes extensive rubber compounding and component preparation with regional and global assignments.   For the past two years, Eric has been part of the Customer Development team at ExxonMobil.

Prior to ExxonMobil, he was with Goodyear Tire and Rubber for 24 years, completing assignments in Ohio, Oklahoma, and North Carolina.  During his tenure at Goodyear, he completed roles in compounding/component prep/curing; was global mixing equipment process specialist as well as mixing a specialist for commercial tires North America; and was technology team lead for mixing and compounding.

Eric was born in Oklahoma and has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Electronics from Cameron University.  He enjoys racquet sports including tennis, racquetball and table tennis.