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Beyond Tires: Data-Driven Methods in a New Mobility Ecosystem


Tom Ebbott
Global Manager, Simulation Technology
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Presentation Summary

From changing consumer behaviors and expectations to the disruptive effect of emerging technologies, it is clear we are entering a new mobility ecosystem. Data is at the core of this transformation, improving business operations and creating new business opportunities. This presentation will share perspectives on the major trends shaping that ecosystem, such as shared mobility fleets, autonomy, connectivity and electrification, and the opportunity for data-driven methods to anticipate and respond to the needs of consumers.

Meet the Presenter

Tom Ebbott received his PhD in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working on the problem of viscoelastic fracture in polymers. In 1987, he joined Goodyear, developing finite-element based methods for the analysis and prediction of tire rolling resistance, temperature prediction and durability. He has since held several positions at Goodyear, in areas such as materials, computational mechanics, and aircraft tires. He is currently leading three competency areas at Goodyear: Tire Performance Modeling, Manufacturing Modeling and Data Science.