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Fighting Commoditization: Train or Go Extinct


Todd Steen
Executive Director of Business Development, Motorsports & Events
Jackson Marketing Group

Presentation Summary

When it comes to new products and technology, education for those in the industry is key. The uninformed are going to struggle to communicate the benefits of new technology and this, in turn, will lead not only to an inability to explain its value but inevitably lead to the commoditization of it. Consumers unable to see a benefit in the new technology that our products their vehicles offer will ultimately view them as added or mandated costs, such as ABS, TPMS and even Snow Tire restrictions.

Our job, as industry leaders, is to prepare our associates for the tsunami of information and changes that are coming our way and help them ride it to increased levels of engagement, increased levels of trust and an increased level of sales.

Meet the Presenter

In 1998, Todd Steen started his 20-year career in the automotive and motorsport industry when he took a position at Michelin, NA managing BFGoodrich Tires’ motorsports marketing efforts. In 2008, he embarked on a new endeavor and started his own marketing services agency, Variable Marketing. During this time, Steen parlayed his expertise and love affair with motorsports to establish his reputation as an automotive industry influencer. In 2012, Steen was asked to join Jackson Marketing, Motorsports & Events and use his skills to help the agency grow and build new relationships outside the automotive industry.

Steen has led various product launches and motorsports efforts for global automotive brands, he’s become adept at helping brands position themselves in an environment where they can excel and he has a keen understanding of how to help others maximize their strengths and develop their weaknesses. His personal relationships across the automotive industry is one of his proudest accomplishments and he credits his success to his basic ability to connect the dots.

Professionally, Steen is always thinking of how he can help others and it has served him and his clients, well. Personally, his service is exemplified by his work with Ironman Outdoors’, a hunting and fishing ministry. Besides serving on the board of directors for the organization, Steen leads retreats where men with a passion for the outdoors are challenged to grow as better husbands, fathers and leaders of their families