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Top 5 Opportunities in the Global Tire Industry and How Technology Can Meet the Challenge


James A. Popio, Ph.D.
Vice President of Operations NA
Smithers Rapra, Smithers Pira

Presentation Summary

As the automotive market goes through several key transformative changes around the world, the tire industry is adapting along with it.   What is sometimes not recognized by tire industry outsiders in the significant role that tires can play in supporting those automotive trends. 

Through data and insight from Smithers Rapra’s newest market report “The Future of Global Tires to 2022”,  Dr. Popio will summarize growth trends by region, end market and tire type while highlighting the top 5 growth areas.   From sensor technologies and material tends to automotive growth in Asia, trends will be covered from the perspective of how technology, regulation and market conditions will affect our industry's development.

Meet the Presenter

Dr. Jim Popio has worked in the tire and rubber industry for over 20 years and has spent his professional career working for and with tire manufacturers, tire dealers, automotive OEMs, industry suppliers, manufacturers, standards organizations and government agencies.  Dr. Popio has extensive experience in tire performance, characterization, and methods development.  His specific areas of expertise include force and moment, endurance, aging, compliance, indoor wear, rolling resistance, and characterization for modeling. 

Prior to his current role, Jim was the Vice President and General Manager of Smithers Rapra and Smithers Pira in the United Kingdom.  He is a regular contributor to industry journals as well as a chair and speaker at major tire and rubber conferences.  Jim has a Ph.D. in engineering and Master of Science, and Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Akron.